Company Highlights

One district One station

PTG is a provider of petrol stations under the brand PT which have the second most number of petrol stations in Thailand, and the Company continues to expand steadily every year to every district across the country, according to its goal which is "One-district-One-station".

Stations in March 2016

In March 2016 PT
has its own fleet of over


tanker trucks

PTG has a fuel quality control at every step, and the Company can also minimize the costs effectively with its strong and efficient management of petrol transportation, and the Company has its own tank farms all over the country as well.

PTG is financially stable and continuous growth.

In 2015, the Company's growth rate of EBITDA was 32.8% comparing to the previous year. The growth rate of net profit during the same year was 33.7%. The Company's debt to shareholders’ equity was 0.93 times which is less than the industry average, and the Company also has a short cash cycle (-3.5 days) because the Company can manage the financial flows more effectively.

The growth rate


A growth rate of
net profit was


A debt to shareholders'
equity was

0.93 times

PTG focuses on good corporate governance.

The Company trusts that good corporate governance is the cornerstone of transparent and efficient operations, sustainable growth, so the Company created an Anti-Corruption Policy which applies to all staff members in order to conduct business with integrity, honesty, social responsibility, and constructive relationships with all stakeholders. This was managed by the management team who has the expertise and experience in the retail fuel industry for almost 30 years. The company has excellent scores for corporate governance.

PTG’s Organizational Culture

The Company focuses on continuous improvement of customer services, staff development, and all cost minimization.

Membership Card (PT Max Card)

The numbers of the membership card are increasing steadily. There are currently
more than 4 million members In addition to the privileged customers receive, PTG is committed to develop the benefits of membership card responding effectively to the customers’ needs.

PTG sees opportunities in providing energy solutions, so the Company starts to launch LPG gas stations and invests in renewable energy business and biodiesel projects. PTG will never stop developing the organization.